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Bereavement and Loss

When we lose someone very close to us we embark on the painful process of grieving and mourning. Feeling grief and expressing grief are a normal and natural response to the death of someone we love. The pain and heart ache we feel whilst grieving is as much a part of life, as is the joy we feel about loving someone.

When we are grieving it can feel as if life is "on hold" and it is as much as we can do to get through each moment, let alone each day. We all experience grief in our own unique way, however, grief can take the form of several defined stages, it is when we eventually go through these stages, that we can start to return to a more normal emotional state.

As a counsellor I will not interfere with the normal grieving process, my counselling role will be to help you understand the grieving process and make some sense of the difficult emotions that you may be feeling. Time itself is a natural healer, however sometimes we need to talk with someone outside the family or our circle of friends.

As a qualified bereavement counsellor, I will help you along this difficult very personal journey, towards acceptance of the loss of your loved one.

Counselling sessions for bereavement take place in a safe and comfortable room at the Health Hydro, Milton Road, Swindon.

Please contact me to find out more about counselling and how bereavement counselling can help.

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