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Definition of Counselling

Counselling and psychotherapy are generic terms that cover a wide range of talking therapies. As a qualified counsellor I work with people over the short or long term to enable clients to bring about change or enhance their general wellbeing.

Why Counselling

Often individuals or couples choose counselling because they are currently experiencing difficulties or have previously experienced difficulties or stress in their lives. Sometimes people can feel isolated even if they have support from family and friends. Clients often report finding it difficult to explain their thoughts and feelings to family or friends around such issues as feeling depressed or anxious.

It is often easier to talk about our own issues or a relationship problem with a person (Counsellor) who is independent from us personally.

Life's events can be difficult to deal with at times, including such things as relationship break down, work stress, bereavement, health issues, panic attacks, low mood and dips in confidence or self-esteem. It is helpful not to wait until you feel you are at "Crisis point" before asking for help from a counsellor, sometimes talking things through with a counsellor as an individual or as a couple, for just a few sessions can really help.

What to expect from Counselling

Counselling is time for you and your counsellor to establish what has brought you to counselling. Including talking about various life events, things maybe from the past and what is happening for you now. Thoughts, feelings and behaviours, will be discussed as well as relationships, family and work/life balance.

As a counsellor I will help you to look at your concerns, and identify unhelpful thoughts and behaviours so that previous ways of not coping can be replaced by more helpful and healthy ways of coping and effecting onward change.

Counselling sessions will usually be at an agreed time each week in a safe and comfortable room at the Health Hydro Swindon. However, I fully understand that due to your work commitments, shift work, child care or finances, counselling session times will need to be flexible, this is something that I can offer you. During the initial counselling session we will work together to establish which counselling approach will best help and most importantly what you would like to gain from attending counselling sessions.

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