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Couples Counselling and how allways counselling service Swindon can help

Relationship Counselling - Couples Counselling

If and when we enter into a serious adult relationship most of us hope that this will last for life. However reality is very different, we know that the figures show that almost one in two marriages is ending in divorce; the figure is also similar with same sex relationships.

All relationships have their difficulties and sometimes as a couple, we can work through these ourselves. However, if we get entrenched and stuck in a cycle of behaviour it can be hard to see a way forward or how to make healthy emotional and practical changes, this is where counselling as a couple can be helpful. As a couples counsellor I would work together with you both, taking a history of yourselves individually and of your relationship. We would then identify unhelpful ways of behaving and how to make changes to these also establishing a better way for you to improve communication within the relationship.

External factors such as affairs, lack of trust, finances, work, shift patterns, stress, lack of libido, family issues, having a baby, not being able to have children, tiredness and lack of communication may contribute to the breakdown of a relationship between a couple. These are all issues that can be discussed as a couple within the couples counselling sessions.

When we look at our relationship before we embark on couples counselling/relationship counselling, it is always important to consider the following:-

  • What were our expectations at the start as individuals and as a couple?
  • When did it change?
  • Why did it change?
  • What's different?
  • Are each other's needs being met?
  • What do we want it to be like in the future?
  • Do we both want to work on saving the relationship?

Within the relationship/couples counselling sessions I can help you and your partner explore the difficult feelings you are having, with safe facilitation giving you each equal time to openly express how you are both feeling. For couples counselling to work, it is very important that you both want to attend couples counselling sessions and work on your relationship.

Competively priced Couples/Relationship Counselling is available, normally within one week. The counselling sessions will take place in a safe and comfortable room at the Health Hydro, Milton Road, Swindon.

Please contact me to ask any questions about Couples or Relationship counselling.

allways counselling - couples counselling


allways counselling - counselling

Couples Counselling

allways counselling - couples counselling


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