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Around one in five people will suffer with depression at some time in their lives.

Sometimes Depression is described as the "invisible illness", this is because often people who are depressed appear on the surface as outwardly "ok". There is a big difference between something we can see physically, for example a broken arm, compared with something that makes us feel emotionally unwell internally.As a result of this sometimes family, friends or colleagues can appear at times to be un-sympathetic.

It is completely normal to have down or "fed up "days, we all have good, bad and Ok days. If we are going through a dfficult or stressful time in our lives our mood maybe lower than it would be normally. However, we have to look out for persistent low mood and to notice also if our behaviour is changing, are we making excuses to not participate in things that we would normally, have we stopped doing many of the things that we used to enjoy?

We may start to feel very lethargic, our sleep patterns may change along with a change in our appetite. Our concentration span may get less, and some physical symptoms may occur such as, head aches or back aches. If you experience some of these symptoms regularly and for over two weeks it may be beneficial to also talk through with your Doctor.

Counselling helps people with Depression, firstly by the counsellor getting an undertanding of why the person is feeling like they do, then looking at ways of changing the behaviour to help elevate the mood, sometimes known as "mind over mood". During the counselling sessions we would work together to look at the way you are thinking about your situation and to challenge any unhelpful thought patterns that may be keeping you stuck and your mood low.

Counselling sessions to help with depression or low mood take place in a safe and comfortable room at the Health Hydro, Milton Road, Swindon.

If you feel that maybe you are suffering from Depression or somebody you know may have Depression, please contact me to find out more about counselling and how counselling can help.

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